Top 5: Songs Played on iTunes2 min read

(Originally posted on March 30, 2012)

For the first top 5 I thought I’d share the top five songs I’ve played most on my iTunes. Its a pretty full mixture of all the styles I like to listen to. We have some old time and some soulful singing, some disco type dance tunes, some country, it’s all there.

I have included youtube links to all these songs (just click on the titles), but if you like them please go over to iTunes and support these wonderful musicians by buying their songs.

5. “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum
I just love Lady Antebellum, but they don’t seem country, they seem more folk rock to me. What do you think?

Lady Antebellum

4. “Bulletproof” by La Roux
I like to dance to this song! It’s really catchy.

La Roux

3. “Hangman’s Reel” played by The Turtle Duhks (music starts around 3:01)
I learned to play this song by watching this video over and over again, it drove my roommate insane! But yet, I still never get tired of listening to them play it. I love to just put on a good old time tune and hit repeat and just listen to it over and over, if that makes me a dork, that’s okay, I’ll take it :P.

Turtle Duhks

2. “Fields of Gold” by Eva Cassidy
This is one of my favorite songs. It’s sad and haunting, but really beautiful. I actually heard this song on the show “Army Wives” where it was playing during a really super sad tear jerking scene (but I won’t explain because I don’t know who has seen the show and who hasn’t :P) so whenever I hear it now I just want to burst out in tears. But still love the song so play it a lot.

Eva Cassidy

1. “Dink’s Song” played by Furnace Mountain
Love me some old time ballads.

Furnace Mountain

That’s a wrap for the first Top 5 List! Let me know what you think of the songs, I sure hope you like them.



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