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The Whole Story (TWS): What made you want to make a Christmas album?

Jeremy Lister/Street Corner Symphony (JL/SCS): We (most of us) really like Christmas music! Plus, our genre of music, a cappella, works out quite well when it comes to caroling.

TWS: Who are the members of Street Corner Symphony? How did you connect as a band?

JL/SCS: The current members of Street Corner are: myself (Jeremy Lister), my brother Jonathan Lister, Kaleb Jones and Kurt Zimmerman. Our friend Elliott Robinson has been ‘sub’bing in on bass, and sings on several tracks from our new holiday album A Street Corner Christmas. We all either met through our mother and father or met through The Sing-Off (TSO).

TWS: As individuals what does each member bring to the group?

JL/SCS: We all bring a wide variety of sounds and character to the group. A good bit of our live show is comedic. We have a lot of fun picking on each other.

TWS: Where did you learn to sing? What is your background with music?

JL/SCS: Jonathan and I grew up in a musical family and grew up singing from a very early age. All of us we’re in the choir and/or band through school. We all were in other bands (rock,electronic,pop) as well before becoming Street Corner Symphony.

TWS: Were you a band before The Sing Off? How do you think going through something like that helped you grow as a band?

JL/SCS: We formed for TSO. It was an exhilarating experience to start from scratch and then to be thrown in front of an audience of several million people. I think it really helped us grow in a very short period of time. That much saturated time together helped us become really tight as a group.

TWS: What drew you to being an a capella band?

JL/SCS: We all enjoy singing together. I think our experience outside of the genre has helped us find a unique style.

TWS: What do you think is the appeal of a cappella music the past few years? It seems to be becoming more and more popular.

JL/SCS: It’s been a lot of fun to watch. I thought it would be a passing fad, but with the success of The Sing-Off, Pitch Perfect and groups like Pentatonix, it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. scs_christmas_ep_cover_final

TWS: Who would be your dream duet partner and where would you love to be able to perform that you haven’t yet?

JL/SCS: Personally, I would love to do a duet with Sir Paul McCartney. He’s one of my heroes. Between all of us, that list could be very long.

TWS: How does the music you do in your solo career differ from what you do with the band?

JL/SCS: All of us actually have solo projects or side ventures outside of the group. Check out Kalebs rock group The Daybreaks or his solo work. Kurt is an amazing producer/DJ in the EDM world. Jonathan, myself and our older brother, Richie (SCS alumni), have a pop/rock group called Lister Brothers. I feel like my solo music has always been ever changing, so it’s really easy for me to switch gears and be present in whatever I’m working on.

TWS: What are some upcoming shows/projects you’d like the readers to know about?

JL/SCS: I just heard the first round of mixes for our Christmas album. It’s some of our best work, and I’m excited for everyone to hear it.
This Street Corner Holiday Tour is going to be amazing! I know we’re all excited about the Cumberland Caverns show. We’ll be finishing the tour underground in a cave, A cave!


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Street Corner Symphony's Coming for Christmas
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