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I realize I am two years behind the times by just now reading this book but wanted to share my thoughts none the less. I hope after reading my opinions you will be inclined to discuss the book further or read the book yourself if you haven’t yet had the chance.

“Someday, Someday Maybe” is the debut novel by Lauren Graham. You might know her from Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. The novel is loosely based on some of Lauren’s past experiences while becoming a professional actress and includes some personal stories as well as fictional accounts of what it’s like to become a professional actress.

After a few chapters I started to realize how much I felt a connection with the main character, Frances “Franny” Banks, I couldn’t put the book down! It really spoke to me as someone in their mid to late twenties struggling with a career. Even though she is going for a career as an actress, I think a lot of her situations and descriptions hit the nail on the head for all of us going in for interviews or going in a new direction.

The first line of the book is “Begin whenever you’re ready.” That made me think, when have I ever been ready for anything? When do we know if we are ready? Another line that comes later is “I’m a matador facing the angriest bull, but I won’t be defeated.” I love that metaphor, it definitely describes trying to get a job in today’s world.

Someday, Someday, MaybeFranny was always very uncertain of herself even though she knew she was talented and capable of doing what she set out to do. All the other characters in the book were always telling her “you are so talented, you don’t see it!” I started to think, hey this is my life and exactly what I’m going through at this stage in the game.

My favorite part is when Dan, one of Franny’s roommates, says “The idea that quantity becomes quality. I always took it to mean if you do anything enough, if you keep putting effort in, eventually something will happen, with or without you. You don’t have to have faith when you start out, you just have to dedicate yourself to practice as if you have it.” This resonated! At some point everyone realizes that you have to make it happen for yourself, it’s not going to happen for you. I think a lot of this book is showing her going through the process of learning these lessons we all need to come to realize.

The book is full of everyday things that happen to all of us but has a way of exploring these situations that really make you stop, think and evaluate how you go through these same sort of experiences and how to approach them (or how not to). I really appreciated being able to relate to the character and feeling like she is in the same stage in life as I am. Reading this book really made me think about what’s next, where is the future headed? These are great questions to ask yourself, even if you do feel “settled” but at the same time not thinking to much about the future.

A lot of times I feel like we think oh there’s always the future, we have plenty of time. In this book one of the main things I admire about Franny is setting a deadline for her to reach her goals as an actress, showing the time is now, there’s no waiting for the future and whatever it might hold. When we wait we fail.

The novel wasn’t all business, there was plenty of romance as well. I feel like if I were ever in her situations romantically I would be just as awkward as she is. I enjoyed the romantic encounters but felt like the professional experiences explained were more interesting and relevant to me at this time in my life. Although she separated the romantic and professional in a very natural way it’s almost as if the storylines could be two different books.

Even though the story is based in the ’90’s i believe it is all still relevant today. Young professionals are still and probably always will struggle to find their way just like Franny. All in all I think this book was a great first novel by Lauren. I am anticipating a second book considering it ended on a cliffhanger, now I am just anxious to read what happens next!

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