5 Social Media Pet Peeves Part 14 min read

(Originally posted October 8, 2014)

If you know me, you know I love social media. Like most things in life there are pros and cons. Keeping in touch with long lost friends and relatives and being able to keep up with everyone is wonderful. Not to mention how far social media has come as far as a promotional tool for businesses, musicians, artists, and many more aspects of our culture. However, there are a lot of things I find myself shaking my head at on a daily basis and I thought, hey why not write a blog post about it and get it all off my chest because I am sure a lot of you are having the exact same thoughts.

1. People Spelling Your Name Wrong

This is my absolute biggest pet peeve on social media. If you are to “busy” to look right above where you are typing in order to spell someone’s name correctly, in my opinion you’re showing the person disrespect and telling them you can’t take a few seconds to make sure you are communicating properly.

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2. Saying “Look It Up”

It’s one thing if the person knows nothing about it and just posted it because they found it interesting, but if someone else finds the same interest they are automatically going to look it up.  I think one of the negative things coming from social media has been the lack of development when it comes to actually being able to start a conversation. When it comes to social media, it’s normally just small talk or a sentence here or there. Take the opportunity to discuss a common interest and be “social” on social media instead of leaving it at “look it up”.

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3. Posting Song Lyrics/Quotes with No Reference

I’m all about finding inspiration from songs, however it’s really frustrating when someone posts lyrics or a quote I’m not familiar with and they don’t include a reference. I also see a lot of people who are constantly posting someone else’s writing, come up with your own ideas and thoughts, that’s also part of being social.


4. Posting of TV/Movie spoilers

TV Shows and Movies are one of my passions. They are one of my favorite things and one of my least favorite things is having them ruined for me. I understand a lot of the time I am months late to seeing the latest episodes, however there is a certain amount of time that needs to go by before blurting out spoilers.  The only real way to avoid spoilers is to stay off of social media the night the show airs (especially Twitter), which where is the fun in that?


5. Overall Laziness and Carelessness

It seems like over the years Social Media has come to be an excuse to be lazy. People don’t pay attention to making mistakes or take the time to check for errors (I will admit I am guilty).

It especially comes across as being lazy when you are trying to show you are passionate or have strong opinions on a subject if you don’t take the time to send it out there in a positive way, with no spelling errors, and the grammatically correct way, or if you are just spouting negativity, you aren’t passionate about that opinion, you are just finding something to rant about.

Another aspect of social media is carelessness, people say what they want when they want and get offended when someone has an opposing opinion. If you are willing to put your opinion out there you should be open to others opinions even if they aren’t the same. Most of the time if I don’t agree with something I have the thought “why bother.” It’d be really nice to not be afraid to voice an opinion in return and feel great about it instead of just being annoyed that someone has come back with negativity.

Showing laziness and carelessness is a bad reflection on you as a person. Another thing people need to realize is that people who aren’t your “friend” on social media can see what you post no matter what you might think. When strangers (especially potential employers) see you post something with mistakes it automatically gives them a bad impression of you as a person.


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