Rachel Mousie: Talk to Your Babies Release October 7th!2 min read

On October 7th the new album by Cincinnati based singer, Rachel Mousie, Talk to Your Babies, will be released. This album is full of different loops that include piano, cello, percussion and vocals bringing the songs together with beautiful harmonies and musical textures. The cd was co-produced by Rachel and Michael G. Ronstadt who also contributed all of the string accompaniment that added to the mix.

I sat down and listened to this album in two different settings and found it to be a wonderful fit in both scenarios. The first was having it on as background music as I worked and the second, just relaxing and really focusing on the music.

While I listened to it as background music I found myself mimicking the looping sounds and just focusing in the back of my mind on the repeating layers of the music. After I finished working I decided to give it another listen while I could really hone in on the music. I found it to have a varying mixture of emotions that really made me think about life and what it’s all about. The album as a whole took me through many moods and feelings. It was like a journey between good and bad, happy and sad memories. The variation of up tempo and slower, balladesque songs is what really takes you on an emotional ride.

Mousie’s songwriting has a way of bringing back a really nostalgic feeling as if it’s taking you somewhere else. You know those times where you want to just get in the car and drive with no real destination and  just contemplate everything? I get the feeling this album would be great for just such a scenario.

All in all I’d highly recommend this new album by Rachel Mousie. It is a great listen during many activities throughout your day.

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