Michael G. Ronstadt releases “Foolish Fox”

Michael G. Ronstadt is a singer/songwriter and cello player who has a long family history in music. He has played traditional Southwestern and Mexican music with his father and brother as part of Ronstadt Generations for many years. With his use of harmony, instrumental arrangement, and original lyrics, along with the study of classical, traditional, and other genres Ronstadt has developed a [...]

Featured Favorites: Christmas Albums

Guess what…’tis the season for CHRISTMAS MUSIC (and celebrating Jesus’ birth of course)! If you want an idea of how much I love Christmas music, sometimes during the year when I’m driving alone I’ll sneak a listen, that’s how much. I have to admit I have felt a little awkward listening to christmas music this year, the weather outside isn’t quite [...]

Current Song Obsession Vol. #1: Cam “Burning House”

Recently I heard this song on the radio and it reminded me of an old ballad (yay, old ballads!). I looked up the song and found out it is sung by newcomer Cam. It’s always exciting to hear a new “country” artist that I like to listen to who reminds me of the country music I love. I really like the lyrics a lot and am excited to hear a song in this style played on the radio. [...]

Loaded White Chicken Chili

I came across this recipe about a week ago on Pinterest and it looked delicious! I immediately started thinking about ingredients I could add to make it my own. Only a portion of these ingredients were in the original recipe. If you have read my cooking posts in the past you know I don’t normally measure anything out and just go with taste, however I did end up having specific measurements for [...]

Inspire Freedom With “Legacy Collection”

I first came across Legacy Collection on Twitter where it caught my eye. When I went to their page and saw the bio I knew I had to know more. Taking something that represents the hardship of imprisonment during South Africa’s Apartheid Era and turning it into something beautiful is what makes this collection of jewelry unique. Robben Island is probably most well-known as the prison where [...]

Lauren Reeder, Living With Models Isn’t The Half of It…

(main Photo by Caitlin Custer) Lauren Reeder is not only starring as “Lauren”, the main character on the “faux-reality” web series Living With Models (LWM), she is also the writer and creator. I was thrilled when Lauren took time out as she prepares Season 3 of LWM for an interview with The Whole (S)tory.  In our interview we go deeper into the story behind the [...]

“Someday, Someday Maybe” I’ll Be Successful

I realize I am two years behind the times by just now reading this book but wanted to share my thoughts none the less. I hope after reading my opinions you will be inclined to discuss the book further or read the book yourself if you haven’t yet had the chance. “Someday, Someday Maybe” is the debut novel by Lauren Graham. You might know her from Parenthood and Gilmore Girls. [...]

2 Guys Named Ben IndieGoGo Campaign

Check out my friends Ben Townsend and Ben Guzman’s project “2 Guys Named Ben.” They are riding across the country collecting and filming music and stories from different musicians playing traditional music from their local regions. Click on the link to below to find out more information and contribute to the [...]

The Whole (S)tory Sits Down with Dom Flemons

–May 16th, The Bright Box Theater, Winchester, VA I sat down with Grammy award winning “American Songster” Dom Flemons recently before one of his shows. Dom is known for bringing his unique style to several traditional styles of music. We discussed Dom’s style of playing, his current projects, and where the future of folk music is headed. The Whole (S)tory (TWS): I want to start out [...]

Paleo Diet: Through Kim’s Eyes (and Stomach)

I am so excited Tory asked me to do a guest post. My name is Kimberly and I write a blog called Little Sprouts Kitchen. I’m a native of West Virginia, but moved to California almost five years ago for work. I write this blog in my spare time with recipes I create that follow the Paleo lifestyle. This nutrition plan has gained a lot of popularity over the past few years. I have been [...]