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Michael G. Ronstadt is a singer/songwriter and cello player who has a long family history in music. He has played traditional Southwestern and Mexican music with his father and brother as part of Ronstadt Generations for many years.

With his use of harmony, instrumental arrangement, and original lyrics, along with the study of classical, traditional, and other genres Ronstadt has developed a unique style.

Ronstadt’s most recent release, Foolish Fox, is a compilation of originals and covers from a variety of genres. The combination of harmonies and musical arrangements are intricately layered leading you to discover something new about each song every time you listenMichael Gilbert Ronstadt.

There is a song on this album for every mood, and each song leads you to think about the subject matter of the lyrics. With every listen the discovery of how relatable each song is personally, to the world or life in general makes listening even more thought provoking and leaves you wanting more.

A few instrumentals add a nice variety to the song list. One of the instrumentals included is a Bill Monroe song, Jerusalem Ridge, to which Michael brings a contemporary twist with his modern arrangement.

Song List

All Over You
Lyrics/Music/Guitar: Rick Denzien

A Price On My Head
Lyrics: Stan Shawnee Boyd / Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

Everybody Knows
Lyrics/Music: Roxy Dawn

Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

Get Up
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

It Opens
Lyrics/Music: Craig Bickhardt

God Put A Smile Upon Your Face
Lyrics/Music: Coldplay

Foolish Fox
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

Melting Fields
Lyrics/Music: Rick Denzien, Michael G. Ronstadt, Debra Lee

Andreyko The Prophet
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

Jerusalem Ridge / Minor Swing
Music: Bill Monroe / Stephane Grappelli, Jean Reinhardt

Mountains Of Japan
Lyrics/Music: Michael J. Ronstadt

Dulcimer Twins
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt, Rick Denzien

Page In Life
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt

Check out the album and let me know what you think in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Background Music
Get Up
Lyrics/Music: Michael G. Ronstadt
Cello/Guitar/Lead Vocal: Michael G. Ronstadt
Harmony Vocals: Petie Ronstadt, Michael G. Ronstadt, Michael J. Ronstadt
Bass: Sam Eason
Drums: Aaron Emery

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