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(Originally posted November 5, 2014)


The 100 CastI recently started watching The 100 and with season two just starting, I’m hooked. Being a forever Lostie, how could I avoid writing something about LOST and this shows similarities? It’s not a bad thing, most of these things fit in quite well with the parameters of the new show.

First of all I have to say something about Henry Ian Cusick (aka Desmond Hume on LOST) and his character, Councillor Marcus Kane on The 100. Naturally, I much prefer Desmond to Marcus. Desmond was Scottish (like Cusick) and a great guy who cared about everyone else. Marcus is power hungry. When he’s on The Arc, right before going to Earth, he shows that he is caring, but as soon as he hits the ground, he’s back to his old ways. I certainly don’t like how he treats Bellamy and Finn when he arrives after they had led “The 100″ so well. It kind of reminds me of how “the others” treated the plane crash survivors on LOST.

Although I don’t really like Marcus’ personality, I still think it’s a great character and Cusick does a great job portraying him. This is probably the number one similarity as far as it being the same actor, but the characters couldn’t be farther from each other personality wise. Another actor from LOST, Raymond J. Barry (Jack’s grandfather, Ray Shephard) plays President Dante Wallace on The 100, I can’t quite figure out what his characters agenda is yet, but I’m thinking it’s not good.

Lindsey Morgan who plays Raven Reyes has said that she found a lot of inspiration from LOST character, Kate Austin. You can sometimes see things in The 100 that remind you of a character from LOST and the actors in The 100 seem to find that flattering from what I’ve seen in their interviews.

Something big thing in the first episode of The 100, they start find hatches. In a way it makes sense because the Earth had been bombarded with atomic bombs 97 years ago, but hatches, really? They are supposedly in America, couldn’t they find buildings or something different, hatches were a huge part of LOST and this is to big of a similarity. They made more sense on LOST because they were on a deserted island.

The biggest comparisons are the main characters start out being from one place, end up in another and are up against other groups of people who were there unexpectedly. Both groups start out with nothing and go back and forth between nothing and everything throughout the show. The 100 has A LOT of groups they come up against and the characters in LOST only really came up against two. On The 100 it’s kind of confusing keeping track of all the “clans” of people who were already on Earth when they came down from The Arc (the space station where “The 100″ came from).

One of the biggest differences would be the characters’ ages. On LOST everyone, except a few kids, are grown adults, whereas all of “The 100” who are sent to the ground are teenagers. I don’t particularly care for one over the other, the varying ages make for interesting differences in drama.

I found LOST more mysterious and shocking and The 100 to just be getting weirder as time goes on.

Although I have found myself totally addicted to The 100, I have a Lostie heart and don’t think I could pick another show over LOST.

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