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Living With  Models (LWM) is back for Season 3 and it’s better than ever! This season comes with relationship drama, special guest stars, and most importantly a spoof of LOST (which if you know me, you know is my #1 favorite show of all time) along with a parody of The Hunger Games to round out the season.

I had a chance to interview Lauren Reeder who plays “Lauren” and co-writes and co-created the show. It’s always fun catching up with her and getting her take on what’s happening with LWM.

Check out all of season 3 at the end of this post!

The Whole (S)tory (TWS): I love the new intro for each episode. Who came up with the design concepts?
Lauren Reeder (LR): Thank you! Jeff Newman (my co-creator) really did a great job with the effects. He nailed it! We wanted something even more over the top than our past seasons and that could also give each actor/character their “moment.”

TWS: Who is the performer who sings the song for the title sequence?
LR: My long time friend Christopher Given Harrison. He also wrote and performed the theme song for Season 2!

LWM3MainTWS: Can you explain the different spoofs going on this season of other famous shows and movies? What made you decide to go in this direction this season? I am so glad you did because they happen to be two of my personal favorites, one of them in particular.
LR: Me too! Well, we weren’t going to do a Season 3 but when HelloGiggles started reposting Seasons 1 & 2 last year I couldn’t help but think about it. Suddenly, one day I had this idea for parodying LOST and I called Jeff up. He was immediately excited. (We are both HUGE LOST fans.) During one of our writing sessions he was the one who pitched The Hunger Games for the end of the season. It ended up being such a perfect combo. I knew we had to do something totally different from what we had done before.

Where did the music throughout each episode come from? It sounds a lot like the music from the originals the show is parodying.
LR: The music is written by our friend Max Repka! He did our music from Seasons 1 & 2 as well. He had his work cut out for him this time though (haha). Pretty much the whole thing is scored. We wanted to evoke the same music “vibe” as the originals. I’m glad it came across!

TWS: This season there are a few special guest stars. Who are they and how did they get involved with LWM?
LR: Teri Polo (Meet the Parents, The Fosters) got involved via Twitter if you can believe it. She was a fan of Jordan James Smith and Living with Models and reached out! Soon, we asked her if she’d want us to write her a part. She said yes, but only if she could wear a speedo. I’m not going to say if she does, but maybe she does. She’s been very supportive of the show. I’m not sure what we did to deserve it, but I’m very grateful!

As for Tracie Thoms (Rent), we asked her if she wouldn’t mind helping us out for one day and she happened to be free. We got all of her stuff done in that day and spread it throughout the series!

I’m a big fan of both of those ladies.

TWS: Why is Hot Lauren blurred throughout the series, even in previous seasons? It brings a nice mystery aspect to the show. I can’t help but wonder what she looks like.
LR: In Season 1 Director Jeff is unable to get her to sign the release forms. Therefore, for the rest of the series she is blurred. Hot Lauren is actually my good childhood friend Elizabeth, who isn’t an actress. She’s just a really good sport and was such a joy on set. She’s super hot in real life. (wink)

Ck79HPyUgAIKAgsTWS: Living With Models is a show within a show, does that make writing more difficult?
LR: Actually, it makes writing easier. We have so many gimmicks to rely on to drive the story forward. We know our basic character arcs and then just plug in the parody action. I don’t look forward to writing normal stories (haha).

There’s a lot of relationship stuff going on this season, it’s definitely one of the reasons I got sucked in and had to watch every episode to the end in one sitting. Where do you see all the relationships in the show going next season? Do you think the current ones will hold or will we see new love interests enter the picture?
LR: NEXT SEASON? Oh boy. Well, as of now, I think all these relationships end up exactly where they belong. I can’t imagine trying to do a Season 4 the way we did the last three! The crowdfunding was really tough. I’d be open to continuing the story for sure, but a fourth Kickstarter? No thanks. (Watch…fast forward a month and I’m doing a fourth Kickstarter.)

TWS: What were your favorite things about writing and shooting season 3? What was the hardest?
LR: My favorite things were hanging out and joking around with the cast. The hardest? Probably the new challenges that would prevent us from being able to shoot everyday. Rain, permits, altitude sickness, losing light…you name it, we dealt with it on the Season 3 shoot.

TWS: Where is LWM headed in the future?
LR: I hope more and more people can discover it through the years. Of course I’m hoping to continue working with the cast & crew on other projects. My friends are teasing me lately because I said I wasn’t doing a Season 3 and here we are. As of now, Season 4 isn’t happening! But, who knows…

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