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Several months have past since The Whole (S)tory caught up with Christian Lopez (see our last interview here) and he’s been getting down to business between touring and writing new material for his second full length studio album. Christian’s career is in the fast lane and in this interview we talk about changes in the band, new music, upcoming album, shows and more.

The Whole (S)tory (TWS): It looks like there are some changes in the band line up since the last time I saw you. What’s new with the band?

Christian Lopez (CL): I think the last time you saw us was at Shepherdstown Street Fest. We have a totally different line up since then. Chelsea no longer plays with me, it’s very amicable, we’re great friends, we’re just at different stages of our life. My rhythm section has changed. Nowadays it’s me and it’s my songs, the band that I take out with me are there to accompany me and be there to represent my songs as much as possible. If you’ve noticed on social media, “band” has come off the title, it’s no longer “Christian Lopez Band” it’s just “Christian Lopez” and that’s actually how the next record is going to be put out, but the band is there with me and we are very tight and very close. Band line ups change sometimes and that’s just how it works.

TWS: Can you tell the readers about some of the new songs you’ve been performing?

CL: I’ve had a lot of desire to play these new songs out live but I’ve been trying to hold it back until i record them. I don’t want to play them live until I record these songs because when recording songs they develop their own life in the studio. I don’t want to get familiar with the life of a song from the live show stand point, go into the studio and it get changed and then come back and redo it again. I’ve just been waiting for the right time to play the songs so I haven’t done much of them live. However, when I do play solo I play a few new songs and a couple of them are called “Silverline” and a song called “Don’t Want to Say Goodnight” mostly just those two songs as far as performing new songs go. I’ve been holding it back a lot until the record is almost done. It’s a waiting game.

TWS: A lot has been going on since our last interview, what’s new with your music and career since the last time we talked?

clopezheadCL: I’ve been in Nashville most of the time since last time we talked. I’ve been working with a publisher, a company called Razor and Tie down here as a songwriter. I’ve been working with them writing songs and getting things ready for album number two for me and that’s where my focus and head has been.

TWS: What new directions are you taking since your last album?

CL: I’m throwing down all the barriers I’ve had coming up in this world. Especially being placed in the Americana world and being categorized in that genre. I don’t want to pigeonhole myself. I want to be able to let the music take me wherever it wants to go, whatever the songs deserve, whatever we want to do. I don’t want to hold myself back at all with any genre walls that I’ve built. I’m going to let the songs and music go the way that they feel like they should go without anything stopping them.

TWS: Are there any songs, albums, or artists that have been musical inspiration while writing new material for the new album?

CL: Yeah sure, I’ve been listening to a lot of stuff lately. Stuff like William Bell, Stephen Bishop. I’ve been listening to a lot of old school rock n roll. The Who, we’ve actually started to cover them.  R & B, Christopher Cross, Randy Van Warner, just a wide variety.

TWS: Is any of that coming through in your changing style?

CL: I feel like it’s showing in my songwriting. A lot of those songs are just extremely melodic, beautiful vocals and melodies. I feel like they’ve had an impact on me.

TWS: What do you enjoy doing in your downtime non-music related? Do you think keeping up with other hobbies helps with your music?

CL: I think you have to have another hobby of course to contrast the rest of your life. However you rarely get to explore them. I feel like I live three different lives.

I have my touring life, which is the majority of my life, on the road playing shows.

I have my songwriting life which is here in Nashville. Writing songs for weeks on end all day and that’s most of my time after touring.

After those two lives it’s back home in West Virginia where I barely get to be. When I do have time at home, it’s so rare, I really just try and take it easy. However, I love old cars. I collect old cars and I love to work on them. Right now I’m looking for another “new” old car. That’s where I like to put my focus when I have downtime, working on the cars and it’s been helpful. It helps keep you sane.

TWS: What’s going to be different between your solo set and your full band set coming up at The Bright Box?

CL: The solo set is going to be the first glimpse into a lot of brand new songs. It’s going to be a total foreshadowing for the future. The full band show is just going to rock out, it’s going to be a celebration!

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Christian Lopez: Propelling Forward + Concert Ticket Giveaway
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Christian Lopez: Propelling Forward + Concert Ticket Giveaway
Several months have past since The Whole (S)tory caught up with Christian Lopez (see our last interview here) and he's been getting down to business between touring and writing new material for his second full length studio album. Christian's career is in the fast lane and in this interview we talk about changes in the band, new music, upcoming album, shows and more.
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