Rachel Mousie: Talk to Your Babies Release October 7th!

On October 7th the new album by Cincinnati based singer, Rachel Mousie, Talk to Your Babies, will be released. This album is full of different loops that include piano, cello, percussion and vocals bringing the songs together with beautiful harmonies and musical textures. The cd was co-produced by Rachel and Michael G. Ronstadt who also contributed all of the string accompaniment that added to [...]

Muddy Ruckus Interview

The Whole (S)tory (TWS): Where did you come up with the band name Muddy Ruckus? Ryan Flaherty (RF): I was born and raised in Rock Island, IL….. It sits right along the ‘Muddy’ Mississippi River. I also wrote a song called Mother Mud that’s on our first album which inspired it a little too. The Ruckus part is more about the sound or crazy level of sound we get as a duo, using one guitar [...]

Musician Spotlight: Matt Brown

Chicago based Matt Brown is up to a lot these days and it was about time to get in touch and catch up on what’s happening in his world as a musician. We talked about his 2017 Monthly YouTube Series, his upcoming projects where he will play the role of producer, Big Sadie, teaching at the Old Town School of Folk Music, Matt’s latest record, Speed of the Plow,  Folk Fights Back and [...]

Cybertrad: Blurring the Lines of Traditional Music

CyberTrad: Traditional and original music, composed and arranged by Matthew Olwell Matthew Olwell (wooden and bamboo transverse flutes, vocals, bodhrán, cornamuse) With: Aimee Curl (vocals, acoustic bass) Dominic “Shodekeh” Talifero (Beatbox, Vocal Percussion) Simon Lepage (electric bass) Jaige Trudel (cello) Joey Abarta (uilleann pipes) The Whole (S)tory (TWS): What made you come up with [...]

Off The Beaten Path: 5 Western Ireland Experiences

Unforgettable Hikes. Raw Traditional Culture. Epic Landscapes. Highlights from my June 2015 trip to Western Ireland. 1. The Doolin Cliff Walk at the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare Any trip to Western Ireland should include a visit to County Clare’s spectacular Cliffs of Moher (aka, Cliffs of Insanity), traditionally observed only from the top of the visitor center, or the nearby town of Doolin.  [...]

Current Song Obsession Vol. #1: Cam “Burning House”

Recently I heard this song on the radio and it reminded me of an old ballad (yay, old ballads!). I looked up the song and found out it is sung by newcomer Cam. It’s always exciting to hear a new “country” artist that I like to listen to who reminds me of the country music I love. I really like the lyrics a lot and am excited to hear a song in this style played on the radio. [...]

Montana Gal: Jessica Kilroy

(Originally posted March 30, 2012) I met Jessica Kilroy several years ago at a music camp in Westminster, Maryland called Common Ground on the Hill in a songwriting class. We became instant friends and I fell in love with her voice and songwriting right away. I am really glad to be able to share this interview with you on Jessica. She has been touring around Europe this summer and is now back [...]