Living With Models Season 3, Better Than Ever

Living With  Models (LWM) is back for Season 3 and it’s better than ever! This season comes with relationship drama, special guest stars, and most importantly a spoof of LOST (which if you know me, you know is my #1 favorite show of all time) along with a parody of The Hunger Games to round out the season. I had a chance to interview Lauren Reeder who plays “Lauren” and [...]

Lauren Reeder, Living With Models Isn’t The Half of It…

(main Photo by Caitlin Custer) Lauren Reeder is not only starring as “Lauren”, the main character on the “faux-reality” web series Living With Models (LWM), she is also the writer and creator. I was thrilled when Lauren took time out as she prepares Season 3 of LWM for an interview with The Whole (S)tory.  In our interview we go deeper into the story behind the [...]

Selfie vs My Fair Lady

(Originally posted November 6, 2014) (ALERT: SPOILERS!) When I first heard about this show I was VERY skeptical. I read that it was a show based on My Fair Lady, about a self obsessed woman who didn’t know how to be social in real life and was addicted to social media. I thought how could this possibly be a good idea for a TV show? After a few episodes it has proven me wrong. I can definitely [...]

LOST vs The 100

(Originally posted November 5, 2014) (ALERT: SPOILERS!) I recently started watching The 100 and with season two just starting, I’m hooked. Being a forever Lostie, how could I avoid writing something about LOST and this shows similarities? It’s not a bad thing, most of these things fit in quite well with the parameters of the new show. First of all I have to say something about Henry Ian [...]