My Take on “Cake” The Movie

(Alert: Spoilers!) Have you ever watched a movie and afterwards thought, “wow, that was powerful”? That’s how I felt after watching Cake. After starting to watch it once before and not being able to make it all the way through, I gave it a second chance and sat down to watch it again last night. I am really glad I did because it had a surprisingly big impact on me. [...]

Movie Review: Les Misérables

(Originally posted January 3, 2013) Welcome to my first blog post of 2013! I decided to bring in the new years blogging with another first, my first ever Movie Review. My friend and I went out to see Les Misérables on Christmas night. It was my first time going to a movie on Christmas and it was a lot of fun, no wonder it is such a popular tradition. For my 18th birthday my brother bought my [...]